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The Blair Puzzle Project was created in late 2007 at the direction of staff members of Montgomery Blair High School in order to create an interesting data set for Mr. Stein's statistics classes. Data has been collected on school days since December 20th, 2007, including the time for the solvers to cooperatively complete the day's New York Times crossword puzzle, the number of solvers participating that day, the day of the week (and hence the puzzle's degree of difficulty), and, more recently, the amount to time taken to fill all the puzzle's squares, regardless of the correctness of the answers.

The puzzle is generally completed at lunch, and, time permitting, members of the Project have posted short posts about that day's puzzle starting on September 22, 2008, with Mr. Stein's cryptic and grammatically stunning "This was a dull puzzle. the circles were for dummies. You should the animals by yourself." Thus our high standards of blogging quality were set.

The perpetrators of this travesty of a blog cruciverbalists of the Blair Puzzle Project are:

Bob Donaldson

Bob DonaldsonFearless teacher of physics, optics, and origins of science (a class of philosophy/science mixed together, just as it should be), we rely on Bob as he is the only person who can spell Greek words. Bob also is one of two of the group who has had the bravado to compete in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (the other being David Stein).

Peter Hammond

Peter HammondPeter is under the mistaken impression that it is funny to have his baby picture as his Puzzle Project avatar, and no one has had the heart to tell him it's pretty lame. That, or he just has selective hearing. His spelling skills are legendary, in that his three year old child can now spell better than he can. He pretends to make up for it by occasionally getting a geography clue no one else knows. He is the only member of the Puzzle Project who is not a teacher at Blair; instead, he manages the school's computer network.

James Schafer

James SchaferMr. Schafer would like to remind all his fans that its easy to remember how to spell his last name; use exactly one of every appropriate letter. No more, no less. Therefore he should never be confused with James "Munky" Shaffer of Korn. He teachers all the physics courses Mr. Donaldson doesn't, such as thermodynamics and quantum physics, as well as a math course or two.

David Stein

David SteinDavid is the heart and soul of the project, not only because it was started for his course in statistics, but also because he is the best crossworder among us. But with great power comes responsibility, and therefore we blame all our errors on him.

David Swaney

David SwaneyMr. Swaney disappeared for a time from our little club because he had to coach something called "The Swimming and Diving Team" during the winter months. This doesn't explain why he didn't return in the spring, however, and we've decided that the excuse that "he had the wrong lunch period" was just a ruse. He's back now, though, and this makes Mr. Stein particularly happy, because he thinks that he won't have to the scapegoat anymore.

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Since May 2009, the Project has been maintained and further developed by Andrew "Shirley" Das Sarma, MBHS Class of '11.
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