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Sep 30, 2008

It took 2 puzzle club members 7 minutes 10 seconds to complete the crossword. This is in the 4th percentile for Tuesday .

Peter Hammond

Peter Hammond
Ya Gotta Believe, David, Ya Gotta Believe.

Thought we did, well, OK. For two people. Had it under 5 minutes without the mistake; and its hard to find a mistake with fewer eyes...and it was at the end of the puzzle and luck would have me start looking at the top, not the bottom.

Anyway, never noticed the theme at all until the end, which, while not always true, is par for the course on early week puzzles. Had a very unusual was 58A CZAR and not Tsar. In my crossword neophytism, I don't recall ever seeing that, though I suppose it should happen every now and then. 1A AHMAL showed up for the second time in recent memory, which I note only because Rex said he wasn't familiar with Amahl and the Night Visitors, and it bugged him enough to note it last time, and here it is again. Wonder if he comments......nope.